in Los Angeles, CA

Gabby Laurent

Photographic art print on archival paper. Available in 8" x 10", 16" x 20", 18" x 24"

This Assortment Edition is a photographic art print on archival paper. Each size print is a limited edition of 10 + 1 AP.

20% of the proceeds from the sale of this work will go to benefit NYC-based non-profit Wide Rainbow.

Gabby Laurent’s photographs look at the relationships between people, moments both orchestrated and unplanned. Her practice focuses as much on the quotidian as the performative nature of photographing; whether instances of gesture or the constructed relationship between a photographer and the subject. Her images are elegant and attentive, but always looking for aspects of spontaneity.

Please allow 2-4 weeks to ship. Framed image for reference only; print is delivered unframed with loose edges for professional framing.