00:00 in Los Angeles, CA

Jessa Carter

Los Angeles

Jessa Carter is an omnidisciplinary artist compelled towards the collapse of categories, pattern literacy and narrative intelligence. She approaches her creative practice with reverence and rite that respects the autonomous energy of each work. Select clients include The New York Times, Calvin Klein, Faris, Carta, Kozha Numbers, Broccoli Magazine, Moon Juice, Nordstrom, Vince, Asp & Hand, Jane Magazine



  • Overview

  • Personal

  • Editorial

  • Commercial

  • Motion

  • Sound and Motion by Jessa Carta
Styling by Kim Upstill
  • Sound

  • original sound : Jessa Carter, 2021 video : the Prelinger Archives, 1920
  • original sound : Jessa Carter, 2021 video : The Prelinger Archives